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POLYN Technology Joins with Medicalps to Focus on Health Monitoring Chip Advancements

Grenoble, France, November 1, 2023POLYN Technology is now a full partner of Medicalps, a healthcare industry cluster in the French Alps that helps startups accelerate the time to international markets and enhance connections within the local healthcare ecosystem.

Medicalps addresses biotechnologies, e-health, and medical devices, making it a perfect fit for POLYN, which is in the process of developing the second generation of its NeuroSense health monitoring solution.

With more than 120 member companies, Medicalps aids those companies in product development, leveraging its status in the French technology community and its shared resources. The organization is a pivotal player in the healthcare industry cluster, encompassing biotechnologies, medical devices, and e-health. It facilitates its partners’ journey to the global market through a multifaceted approach that enhances visibility and nurtures valuable networking opportunities.

POLYN is partnering with Medicalps through its new subsidiary office in France. The objective is to bolster POLYN’s market presence for its NeuroSense solution and to forge connections with various stakeholders in healthcare monitoring, including wearable device manufacturers, digital therapeutics companies, and related healthcare application industries.

A fabless semiconductor company, POLYN supplies application-specific Neuromorphic Analog Signal Processing (NASP) technology and products. Its NeuroSense is a Tiny AI chip that processes heart rate measurements and other sensor raw data while consuming 100 times less power and ensuring far higher accuracy than other solutions.

“Through the extensive Medicalps ecosystem, POLYN gains invaluable access to governmental health agencies, universities, associations, and private stakeholders,” said Aleksandr Timofeev, founder and CEO of POLYN Technology. “This represents an exceptional opportunity to delve into diverse markets associated with wearables and healthcare, continue to refine NeuroSense, and introduce groundbreaking and innovative solutions in realm of wearables and healthcare.”


POLYN Technology (  is a fabless semiconductor company, offering ultra-low-power, high-performance Neuromorphic Analog Signal Processing (NASP) technology, IP and Tiny AI chips based on NASP. POLYN’s Neural-Net-To-Chip automation tools support fast, cost-effective development of application specific solutions performing sensor data pre-processing on-device. The technology and products enable a wide range of edge AI applications such as wearables, hearables, Industry 4.0, Connected Health 4.0, Smart Home, and more. Founded in 2019, POLYN Technology is registered in London and headquartered in Israel.