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Farmway Credit Union in Kansas Now Has Entire ATM Fleet Under Dolphin Debit Management

HOUSTON, October 24, 2023 – After trying out Dolphin Debit with a single ATM three years ago, Farmway Credit Union in Kansas is convinced of the benefits and has quadrupled the number of machines under Dolphin’s management.

The credit union, with four branches, serves 17 counties in heavily rural north central Kansas. It now has three operating Dolphin ATMs, with a fourth currently being deployed.

Farmway’s first ATM was installed at the credit union’s Osborne branch. Joe Deneke, President and CEO of Farmway Credit Union, says that initial decision to go with Dolphin was primarily economic, with the opportunity to reduce the costs associated with managing their own ATMs.

“ADA requirements, annual upkeep and maintenance, and compliance were big factors as well,” Deneke said. “Along with that, we anticipated fewer headaches by going with Dolphin.”

That turned out to be the case, which is why Farmway felt comfortable working with Dolphin to replace two other ATMs that were nearing their end of life and adding a fourth. Two of the three machines are at branches, one is in a heavily trafficked convenience store site, and the newest one is going into the Jewell County Courthouse at Mankato.

“It was that first branch that really got us interested,” added Cindy Wiles, Director of Operations for Farmway. “It was a two- or three-employee branch, and it really helped that everything was taken care of by Dolphin, although we do load our own cash.”

For Farmway, ATMs are a key part of their member service strategy. “It is convenient for members not only to be able to do business without having to go into a brick and mortar building, but to have 24-7 access to their money,” Deneke said. Wiles added that ATMs “allow us access to our members and to our community.”

Farmway chose Dolphin originally after seeing the company at various credit union industry events and getting recommendations from fellow credit unions.

“For so many credit unions such as Farmway, starting small with Dolphin has led to a broader and stronger relationship once they see all the cost, convenience, and reliability advantages,” said Joe Woods, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Partnerships at Dolphin Debit

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