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Rapid Response by Dolphin Debit Keeps Deposits Flowing for Washington’s Sno Falls Credit Union

HOUSTON, September 21, 2022 – When Sno Falls Credit Union in Washington needed an ATM upgrade in a hurry, they were counting on Dolphin Debit to get the job done. They weren’t disappointed.

Sno Falls, which serves members in the Snoqualmie Valley east of Seattle, has been a Dolphin Debit client for seven years. It was April of this year when the company that serves as the backend for Sno Falls’ deposits said all the credit union’s ATMs needed a security upgrade. And they needed it by July.

“If we didn’t get that done, we would lose the ability to take ATM deposits,” said Abbie Lankford, Chief Experience Officer for Sno Falls. “We couldn’t have that.”

Because the ATMs that Dolphin Debit installed in 2015 were nearing their end of life anyway, Sno Falls opted to go with all new ATMs. Could Dolphin Debit get those ATMs and get them installed in time to keep the deposits flowing? Despite some tense moments, the answer was yes.

“I was so impressed with the Dolphin Debit implementation team,” Lankford said. They were knowledgeable, compassionate, and they understood the impact on our business if they didn’t get it done. But they did get it done, right on time with no issues. We never expected it to go that smoothly.”

The new ATMs are deposit ATMs that are both contactless-enabled and easily upgradable to ITMs, interactive teller machines. Sno Falls, Lankford noted, is looking into moving to ITMs in order to better serve members beyond typical business hours.

The new ATMs are located at the credit union’s branches, along with one in a historic downtown area of Snoqualmie that gets heavy use. Sno Falls has one cash dispensing-only ATM in a popular local food market as well.

“The real test of any company’s client service is when big challenges come up,” said Joe Woods, Vice President of Business Development for Dolphin Debit. “We passed that test with Sno Falls Credit Union, just as we have with so many other clients when they have had urgent needs.”

About Dolphin Debit

Dolphin Debit Access, a subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: EEFT) is a full-service ATM management company that owns and operates ATMs for financial institutions. Dolphin’s turnkey ATM service includes purchase and deployment of new ATMs, purchase of the financial institution’s existing ATMs, terminal driving, transaction processing, ATM maintenance, armored car service, communications, monitoring and dispatch, and cash management. Dolphin Debit operates all makes and models of ATM equipment in various branch and off-premise venues and works with 325 financial institutions across the United States. Combined with the strength of its global payments parent company, Euronet Worldwide, Dolphin is able to deliver technology and modernization through the company’s REN payments platform.