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Dux PR Now Represents POLYN Technology

CANTON, Texas, February 8, 2022 POLYN Technology has selected Dux Public Relations as its public relations agency as the company moves forward rapidly to bring a range of  its semiconductor products to market globally.

POLYN, headquartered in London and based in Israel, is a fabless semiconductor company supplying ultra-low-power, high-performance Neuromorphic Analog Signal Processing technology (NASP). This enables edge artificial intelligence applications and enhances the way sensors operate in Internet of Things environments.

For POLYN, Dux will provide strategic communications counsel and launch a determined campaign to raise the company’s visibility in the healthcare, industrial IoT, wearables, and other markets. Making the company known among the industry analysts and news media in those areas is a key to gaining visibility and market traction.

Dux’s track record of success with technology companies, particularly those based in Israel, was a factor in POLYN’s decision to work with Dux. Kevin Tanzillo, who leads the Dux technology practice, has worked with Israeli companies for 15 years.

“POLYN Technology has some fascinating technology that will transform the way sensors operate across a variety of industries,” Tanzillo said. “POLYN isn’t known in the industry yet, but that is why they came to Dux. As we raise their visibility among the media and industry analysts, that will help the company stake out a bigger market space for its groundbreaking products.”