Dux Celebrates Our 20th

Twenty years ago this fall, Dux got our start. Our founder and president Kristine Tanzillo had always wanted to run her own public relations and marketing agency, and got the chance in 2001, just a little earlier than she expected.

The corporation she worked for at the time wanted to transfer her. But not only wasn’t she interested in uprooting, but she didn’t see a good future for her position in the new location. So she took the plunge and launched Dux. Turned out her suspicions about her fate had she stayed with the corporate job were correct, so it was definitely the right move at the right time.

Still, it wasn’t the best of circumstances for launching a new business. The 9/11 terror attack had just occurred, we were still in the midst of a bust for technology companies after their huge run-up in the late 1990s, and the economy was somewhat sluggish overall. But Kristine persisted, found a few good clients, and Kevin joined her a few months later to help Dux grow and prosper for the next two decades.

Kristine started Dux with a simple principle: that smaller companies deserve the same level of high-quality, aggressive marketing and PR representation as bigger ones. She had seen how previous agencies she worked for wouldn’t give the time of day to any company that couldn’t afford a steep monthly retainer. Many companies she would have loved to have worked with had to go elsewhere to find an agency.

She vowed that when she had had her own agency, she would focus on smaller companies and organizations and serve them well. And that is still the Dux mission.

Over those two decades, Dux has had many wonderful clients that we have loved working with. We have some current clients who have been with us for more than half of the time Dux has been in business. Often people we have worked with at one client will reach out to us later when they’ve moved to another company, and we start working with them again.

As we mark our 20th anniversary, we consider ourselves blessed. We can look back fondly at the work we have done and continue to do, the many wonderful people we have met and worked with, and the relationships that we built. We appreciate every one of our clients and know that they have always been the key to any success that we have achieved. Thank you, everyone.