No Office is Complete Without …

One of the true joys of working in a small office setting is the opportunity to have an office dog. Make that two dogs here at Dux PR Headquarters.

This won’t come as any big news to those of you who have spent much or all of the last 18 months working remotely from home, but in this case, we’re talking taking your dogs to the office. It may be around the corner or a short commute away, but the dog goes with you as the office mascot.

With a dog (or two), you’re never alone and lonely in the office. Your co-workers may be out at all-day offsite meetings, but you still have someone to talk to. Granted, dogs are better listeners than they are talkers, but there is always someone ready to pay attention to you.

Not only do dogs provide an emotional lift, but we read a while back that having a dog around helps keep your blood pressure down. That’s a good thing. Especially if you’re pushing a project deadline and feeling the stress.

When people come to your office, they’re usually happy to see a dog there. Most are; there are some who may be uncomfortable around dogs or have some type of allergy that makes them want to keep their distance.

Of course, your furry associate has to have the right temperament. Growling for no good reason is a deal-breaker, and being too friendly with visitors – especially if the dog is mid-sized or larger – can be a negative.

For instance, if the UPS or FedEx driver comes in, you don’t want an ugly incident. Dogs certainly do seem to hate their trucks, so you want to make sure that dislike doesn’t extend to the drivers themselves.

Or how about hiring interviews? Bring the dog in on those. Dogs are famous for their ability to assess people. If the dog approves, that person is immediately on the shortlist. And if you offhandedly comment to your interviewee that your pet is a drug-sniffing dog, you can see how nervous the interviewee gets. That can help you make a decision too.

What does this have to do with PR, marketing, and communications? Not a lot, except that anything that helps you do your job better – four-legged or otherwise – is going to be a positive. So if you don’t have a canine pal yet, we urge you to check out local shelters or rescue groups.