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Tango Networks Unveils Kinetic Cloud Mobile-X, Industry’s First Global Private Mobile Network Service for Enterprises

Groundbreaking enterprise mobile communications service
demonstrated at MWC19 Barcelona

FRISCO, Texas, February 14, 2019 – Tango Networks today announced Kinetic Cloud Mobile-X, the industry’s first communications service that creates a private mobile network exclusively controlled by an enterprise for maximizing productivity of its distributed workforce.

Available today in select regions and demonstrated this month at Mobile World Congress 19 in Barcelona, Kinetic Cloud Mobile-X enables enterprises to bring mobile services into the control of their own existing call control platforms.

In the past, mobile voice, messaging and data have been under the exclusive control of mobile operators. With Kinetic Cloud Mobile-X, these services can now be controlled together with internal communications applications by the enterprise IT department.

The new service creates a Global Private Mobile Network (GPMN) that is exclusively controlled by an enterprise, even when it has a presence and vendor solutions in many different countries. It features:

  • One consistent mobile subscription for all of a customer’s employees the world over, regardless of location or network used.
  • Native communications on employee mobile devices driven directly by the enterprise’s unified communications platform, without requiring hard-to-use, poor quality VoIP apps.
  • Complete control over compliance, recording, security and communications costs for all mobile voice, messaging and data used by the enterprise’s employees.
  • Advanced authentication and security in a mobile offering that is a foundation for migration to 5G and Private LTE.

Attendees at Mobile World Congress can book a private demonstration of Kinetic Cloud Mobile-X at the Tango Networks booth #6I28.

Enterprise customers using Kinetic Cloud Mobile-X will be able to maximize distributed workforce productivity while embedding mobility control that enhances communications flexibility, security and compliance.

“Mobile devices are overwhelmingly the tool of choice for business communications today,” said Andrew Bale, General Manager of Cloud Services for Tango Networks. “But mobile services remain stubbornly consumer-focused, mired in the same mass-market offerings operators have had for 20 years. Even major enterprises use the same mobile services and features sold to video-streaming teenagers.”

Because mobile communications services are almost universally consumer oriented, enterprise CIOs supporting mobile workforces face fundamental challenges:

  • Fragmented patchworks of inconsistent mobile services across regions yield unreliable access and application performance.
  • Mobility controlled by mobile operators, not enterprise IT staff, makes it hard to enforce policies, security, recording compliance and cost control.
  • Integrating mobile communications with IT applications is very difficult.

Kinetic Cloud Mobile-X solves these issues by creating a single point of policy, security and compliance administration and control enforced globally on all of an enterprise’s mobile communications.

Covered by more than 65 granted patents, Kinetic Cloud Mobile-X utilizes a unique cloud-based communications control plane in tandem with an MVNO communications transport layer. The result is a fabric of voice, messaging and data applications communications that is accessible anywhere in the world by employees on mobile devices and managed directly by the enterprise IT staff.

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