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Sixth District Candidate Ken Cope Pledges Pro-Life Fight in Washington

ARLINGTON, January 19, 2018Ken Cope, Republican candidate for Congress in the Sixth District, said today that if elected he will bring his strong pro-life views to Washington and fight for the rights of the unborn.

In a message posted on the CopeTexas website ahead of National Sanctity of Human Life Day this Sunday, Cope said that he is heartened by long-term trends that show abortion rates and numbers are dropping, and prays that this will continue and accelerate.

Those trends, Cope said, “tell us that our efforts at fostering a culture of life are paying off, although far too slowly.” He went on to say that “Our work continues, and I pledge to you that I will fight in Washington as your U.S. Representative to advance the pro-life movement in every way that I can.”

Noting the significance of the presidential declaration of National Sanctity of Human Life Day, Cope noted that “In the more than three decades since President Ronald Reagan declared the first such day, millions of babies have been killed by abortionists. Even one abortion is too many, and what we have seen since the Supreme Court gave its blessing to abortion is nothing short of a holocaust.”

Cope is a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel and retired aerospace executive who is seeking the Congressional seat being vacated by Joe Barton. Information about the campaign and Cope’s positions on other issues confronting the Sixth District can be found at the campaign website,, and the Facebook page, Cope is also on Twitter at @CopeTexas.