What We Do

A positive image is the key to success. The most cost-effective way to build that image is through a strong public relations program. At Dux Public Relations, everything we do is designed to help our clients establish and maintain a positive image, Here is a sampling of what we do:


Whether you need a video or podcast script, website or blog content, or social media postings, we do it. We offer everything clients need to maximize their online presence. From blogging to Twitter to LinkedIn to Facebook and Instagram, we can manage your presence and provide attention-getting content.

Media Relations

We get the media to notice clients and provide the high visibility needed for market success. That includes news announcements, editorial coverage, interviews, client-authored articles, and other ways – such as in-person visits and other campaigns – to grab attention from a range of industry influencers, including industry analysts.

Client Support

We offer advice, counsel, and training to clients to make sure they shine in every interview. That includes joining them in those interviews for the highest level of support.

Strategic Counsel

We explore each client’s strengths and unique offerings to stake out distinct market positions. Then we build an aggressive action plan to leverage news media to reach the target customers and clients.

News Announcements

Announcements remain foundational to a client’s publicity. We make sure that every announcement is as powerful and newsworthy as it can be. Then we target the right journalists with the right message to maximize the attention the announcement earns.

Writing Services

Dux is expert at clear, concise communications. From news announcements to corporate blogs, and from customer case studies to white papers, we provide the most readable and convincing materials. They tell your story and convey your messages in a powerful way.

Media Awareness

What clients say on their website and elsewhere affects media impressions. We help clients look their best at all times, by developing online and physical materials that tell their story in a positive, enlightening way.

Speaking Engagements

We help clients gain high-profile speaking opportunities at industry conferences and trade shows, to increase their visibility and develop reputations as industry authorities.

Media Training

We provide expert training for clients in dealing with the unique aspects of communication involved when interfacing with the news media.

Trade Show Support

We help clients make the most of their trade show and industry event participation. We find the press who are covering that and arrange in-person interviews, which are key in building long-term relationships.

Crisis Communications

To make sure that clients are protected from negative publicity in crisis situations, we offer extensive crisis communications training. Should a crisis occur, we help clients get through it with minimal damage.

Employee Communications

We offer customized internally-focused communications support, covering anything from newsletters to employee events, recognition programs, and employee relations.

Marketing Communications

We partner with experienced creative talent to offer services such as website development, collateral design and production, event planning, and social media and email marketing.