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When Editors Attack, Stay on the High Road

When editors are having bad days and take it out on you, it is best to be conciliatory and resist the urge to fight back.

Social Media’s Two-Edged Sword

There’s an upside and a downside when it comes to your promotional use of social media. The same helpful tool that can connect you with your target audience can quickly be turned against you. Here is why and how you need to be careful.

How to Be the Master of the Interview

If there’s one big thing to get right in a media interview, it would be sincerity. When you’re sincere, the interviewers know it and they’re more likely to come back to you again and again.

Even in Social Media, the Written Word Hangs in There

Even in this video-obsessed age, the written word is still incredibly valuable. Clearly, people are still willing to read when the quality of the material is good.

Your Target Market Determines Social Media Emphasis

Social media has a higher impact for business-to-consumer companies than it does for business-to-business companies, but both need to use it and use it well.