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Let Your PR Firm Take a Peek Behind the Curtain

Real success in working with a public relations firm comes when you truly connect them to the company that exists beyond your marketing department.

It’s All About Engaging Your Audience

The quality of your content determines how engaged your audience is, and how well you will be perceived as a result.

The Contact Contract

You can do some great public relations and marketing work to get the target audience to your website, but if you fumble the most critical step – getting the customer connected to you – all that effort goes down the drain.

Taking a Stand? Be Careful!

A newly released study says that 70 percent of American consumers want companies to take a stand on social and political issues, and nearly half are willing to boycott a company that they don’t agree with on those issues.

Thinking About Crises

Our proximity to the disastrous tornadoes that ripped through the Canton area April 29 reminded us of a topic that isn’t addressed nearly as often as it should be in the PR space.