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FUELTRAX Names Integrated Marine Solutions its Middle East Sales-Installation Partner

HOUSTON, May 18, 2022 – FUELTRAX, the leading fuel management solutions company serving deep sea and offshore support vessels, has named a Saudi Arabian partner that will focus on sales and installation for clients in that region.

The new FUELTRAX partner is Integrated Marine Solutions (IMS). IMS is located in Tanajib in northeastern Saudi Arabia, along the Arabian Gulf. Tanajib is home to a major Saudi Arabian Oil Company oil complex.

IMS’ technicians have been thoroughly trained by FUELTRAX and have already worked closely with FUELTRAX on five installations in the United Arab Emirates.

“It is vital to FUELTRAX to have strong local support presence close to areas where we have concentrations of clients,” said Ruben DeLeon, Vice President of Product Support for FUELTRAX. “Saudi Arabia and the entire Middle East region are key growth areas for us, especially in light of the move toward digitization, and now we have the support we need close to our current and future clients.”

Faisal Al-Zahrani, Managing Director of IMS, said the FUELTRAX affiliation is an important addition to the company’s offerings.

“We established Integrated Marine Solutions as a primary gateway to support the marine industry with a full suite of services,” Al-Zahrani said. “With a centralized maritime industrial operation service hub, we can support the entire spectrum of offshore vessel requirements. That now includes selling, installing, and supporting the premier fuel management solution.”

For FUELTRAX, IMS is the first installation commissioning and service partner that also offers the entire range of sales and sales support for clients. FUELTRAX has 14 other installation commissioning and service partners, spanning the globe on five continents.

The FUELTRAX Electronic Fuel Management Solution (EFMS) is the industry’s leading and only patented fuel management solution. It measures direct fuel consumption and transfers on board, enabling vessel operators to reduce operational and fuel costs. Its unparalleled accuracy and stability are achieved by taking direct measurements using Coriolis smart meters to measure mass-flow rather than volume. The system consistently measures fuel quality and transmits that data to the FUELTRAX operations center for real-time monitoring.

About Integrated Marine Solutions

IMS, based in Saudi Arabia, offers a full suite of maritime industrial operation services. With digitization becoming an essential part of operations, IMS delivers optimal, customizable digital solutions designed for each client’s unique operational needs. For more information, contact


FUELTRAX® is the leading smart fuel management system, compatible with any vessel, engine, or fuel in any location in the world. It reduces onboard fuel consumption costs and emissions and sets the standard for secure, compliant, and optimized vessel performance. Each installation includes access to FUELNET, the cloud-based data analytics service. FUELTRAX delivers better than 99% system uptime globally and is the only EFMS accepted universally by all major oil companies. FUELTRAX is a patented product of Nautical Control Solutions, LP. FUELTRAX® and FUELNET™ are marks of Nautical Control Solutions, LP. All rights reserved. For further information, contact