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RAD Releases First E2E Network Insights-as-a-Service for CSPs

TEL AVIV, April 4, 2022 – RAD, a global leader in network access, released RADinsight PM, the first cloud-based, AI-powered performance monitoring service for end-to-end fault isolation within and beyond the CSP network. Harnessing the data from RAD’s Ethernet access devices (EADs/NIDs) for analysis, this subscription-based SaaS product offers actionable, intent-based insights-as-a-service that save on OpEx and enhance end-customer satisfaction.

Addressing the fact that 76% of support calls at CSP customer care centers are due to problems outside the CSP domain, RADinsight PM’s root-cause analysis allows CSP network experts, call center representatives, or even end users to instantly identify the network segment causing user experience degradation, even if it is in a 3rd party domain. The entire end-to-end traffic path – from the customer LAN, the CSP WAN, and all the way to the application in the cloud – is conveniently displayed on a single pane of glass, together with customer experience quality scores.

“We’re excited to release this first end-to-end insights-as-a-service platform,” said Ilan Tevet, RAD’s Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. “RADinsight PM benefits CSPs on three important fronts. Firstly, CSPs save OpEx on call center and engineer manpower, due to faster customer-care resolutions and a reduced need for on-prem troubleshooting. Secondly, RADinsight PM strengthens customer satisfaction by effortlessly identifying the root cause for user complaints while avoiding service disruptions. Thirdly, RADinsight PM lends itself to a self-troubleshooting add-on service for business customers, a feature most have come to expect from their CSP.”
“In our work with enterprises and service providers rolling out new WAN offerings, one of the often-under-invested areas is in fault and performance management,” says Roy Chua, founder and principal analyst at AvidThink. “RADInsight’s end-to-end approach can be valuable to carriers looking to quickly isolate the root cause of underperformance or loss of connectivity. Further, the enablement of self-service improves the customer experience while empowering users to gain valuable insights into the quality of WAN services.”

RADinsight PM will be demonstrated at the MPLS, SD & AI Net World Congress in Paris, April 5-7, 2022.