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Ethernity Networks Releases ENET Wireless Backhaul Solution with Integrated Wireless Bonding

LOD, Israel – May 10, 2021 Ethernity Networks (AIM: ENET.L), a leading supplier of data processing offload solutions on programmable hardware for accelerating telco/cloud networks, today announced it has released the ENET Wireless Backhaul solution, designed for standalone FPGA-based appliances. The solution combines up to 60 Gbps of networking capacity with newly patented bonding technology for optimizing 4G and 5G network deployments.

The ENET Wireless Backhaul solution utilizes Ethernity’s ENET Flow Processor FPGA firmware coupled with Ethernity’s newly patented bonding technology to run on an FPGA appliance.

The integrated bonding technology evenly distributes wireless traffic over multiple 1 GbE and 10 GbE ports. It offers the ability to support fragmentation, reassembly, and reordering of packets for differential delay compensation as a means to connect wireless radio equipment.

The solution also ensures optimum wireless performance and improves transmitted throughput by dynamically distributing data along multiple wireless links of different speeds and technologies. This enables operators to overcome interruptions or slow wireless transmission due to inclement weather, as well as to increase maximum transmission distance.

ENET Wireless Backhaul is ideal for implementing within a 4G/5G Indoor or Outdoor Unit with complete Carrier Ethernet Switch/Router functionality and the embedded bonding feature.

The ENET Wireless Backhaul solution is currently available on Ethernity’s standalone UEP-20 (Universal Edge Platform) with 10 Gbps traffic spread over 10 GbE and multiple 1 GbE ports, as well as on commercial off-the-shelf servers using Ethernity’s ACE-NIC FPGA SmartNICs. The solution will also run on the upcoming UEP-60 platform, which is targeted for release in Q3 2021, for bonding of 40 Gbps traffic.

Oded Bergman, Ethernity VP of Products and Business Development, noted that “By incorporating Ethernity’s unique bonding solution for 1G and 10G links, together with our L2/L3/MPLS ENET Flow Processor, the ENET Wireless Backhaul solution provides unmatched all-weather wireless backhaul resiliency with the highest performance over different radio technologies.”

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Ethernity Networks (AIM: ENET.L) provides innovative, comprehensive networking and security solutions on programmable hardware for accelerating telco/cloud networks. Ethernity’s FPGA logic offers complete Carrier Ethernet Switch/Router data plane processing and control software with a rich set of networking features, robust security, and a wide range of virtual function accelerations to optimize telecommunications networks. Ethernity’s complete solutions quickly adapt to customers’ changing needs, improving time-to-market and facilitating deployment of 5G, edge computing, and NFV.