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Interior Federal Credit Union Chooses Dolphin Debit to Manage its ATM Fleet

HOUSTON, January 19, 2021 – Happy to get out from under the burdens of ATM management, Interior Federal Credit Union has turned over operations of its fleet to Dolphin Debit, the full-service ATM management company.

Interior FCU, based in Washington, D.C., serves primarily the U.S. Department of the Interior and related groups. It has 18,650 members and assets of $247 million. The credit union has five ATMs, located at its main branch in the nation’s capital, a branch at the U.S. Geological Survey building in Reston, Virginia, and other key locations.

It was the looming cost of compliance that pushed Interior FCU to outsourcing.

“We had older ATMs, with service issues, and they were still on Windows 7 and needed upgrading or replacement,” said Mike Merryman, President and CEO of Interior Federal Credit Union. “It was a great opportunity to turn everything over to a vendor, so it would no longer be our headache.”

After considering its options, Interior FCU chose Dolphin Debit. The cost savings of the move were a plus, but it was the other benefits that helped seal the decision.

“We just got tired of having to deal with ATM servicing and maintenance, and decided we wanted to get out of managing them,” Merryman explained. “Before, we had to deal with first line and second line maintenance, armored car deliveries, everything. Now we just call Dolphin and they deal with it. We are thankful to be out of the ATM business.”

Merryman said working with Dolphin has made everyone’s life easier at Interior FCU.

“For the ATMs at our branches, the staff no longer spends time dealing with those issues, and they can devote their time to better serving our members. That has been a huge advantage and it always seemed that our ATM vendors were sending us surprise invoices for things we thought should be covered in our contracts. Now everything is covered with Dolphin and we don’t get any surprises.”

Merryman added that Dolphin Debit made the entire process smooth and pleasant.

“I have to say that from sales through project management to deployment, it was a great experience for us to work with Dolphin throughout this process. It was refreshing to work with a company that did what it said they would, met our deadlines, and got the ATMs installed when they promised.”

“More and more credit unions, like Interior Federal Credit Union, are recognizing the benefits of outsourcing, especially when they face big investments in upgrades or new machines,” said Gary Walston, CEO of Dolphin Debit. “If they haven’t thought about making a change before that, those pivotal times present the perfect opportunity.”

About Dolphin Debit
Dolphin Debit Access, a subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: EEFT) is a full-service ATM management company that owns and operates ATMs for financial institutions. Dolphin’s turnkey ATM service includes purchase and deployment of new ATMs, purchase of the financial institution’s existing ATMs, terminal driving, transaction processing, ATM maintenance, armored car service, communications, monitoring and dispatch, and cash management. Dolphin Debit operates all makes and models of ATM equipment in various branch and off-premise venues and works with 300 financial institutions across the United States. Combined with the strength of its global payments parent company, Euronet Worldwide, Dolphin is able to deliver technology and modernization through the company’s REN Ecosystem. For more information, visit