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AdventHealth Credit Union Frees Itself from ATM Maintenance with Move to Dolphin Debit

HOUSTON, October 29, 2019 – For AdventHealth Credit Union in Florida, the task of maintaining its ATMs finally became too time-consuming, so the credit union has partnered with Dolphin Debit to take over management of almost all of its machines.

AdventHealth CU, whose roots go back to 1955, is a SEG-based credit union sponsored by AdventHealth. It serves employees and others connected with AdventHealth, the AdventHealth University, and the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

At the credit union, ATMs are an important part of the member service strategy. ATMs are located at hospital campuses and are heavily used by members and others. That underscores the importance of making sure the ATMs are always available and that maintenance issues don’t get in the way of members’ convenience.

The primary reason AdventHealth decided to outsource was the time involved with maintaining the ATMs, explained Stevan Dragoljevic, the credit union’s information technology manager.

“With the ATMs being older, parts go bad. I’m the one who managed them, so if anything went wrong, I had to go out to the ATM to see if I could fix it. That was happening probably a couple of times a week and was not cost beneficial,” Dragoljevic said.

“Now the ATMs are off our hands, and we have more time to devote to other products. In addition, member service has improved.”

Before committing to a partnership with Dolphin Debit, the credit union gave a lot of thought to its decision. It took its time evaluating the move.

“We wanted to make sure we were making the right decision for the credit union,” Dragoljevic said. But there’s no doubt now it was a good decision, he emphasized, because “Dolphin is doing a great job. Uptime is above 98 percent and they’re very responsive.”

“Credit unions such as AdventHealth often find that little by little, ATM maintenance comes to take up a lot of the valuable time that they could be devoting to other member service activities,” said Gary Walston, co-founder of Dolphin Debit. “For them, it’s a relief when we can take those maintenance burdens off their hands.”

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