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RAD, ASPIDER-NGI Jointly Launch Secure, Edge Computing-Enabled Industrial IoT with Global eSIM/USIM

TEL AVIV, February 20, 2019 – RAD, the leader in secure communications solutions for critical infrastructure, and ASPIDER-NGI, a leading IoT mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE) which is now part of KORE Wireless, today introduced a joint solution that combines RAD’s recently released SecFlow-1v secure industrial IoT (IIoT) gateway with edge computing capabilities and ASPIDER-NGI’s advanced eSIM.

The SecFlow-1v is part of RAD’s Service Assured Networking (SAN) solution for critical infrastructure. The joint solution allows immediate deployment of large-scale automated systems, such as RTUs, smart meter aggregation devices, load breakers, traffic control sensors, CCTV cameras, point of sale devices, and more, with advanced visibility, control, and cyber defense – anywhere in the world.

“By bringing together secure edge computing that is specifically designed for mission-critical environments and operator-independent global managed connectivity, we offer an innovative approach to effectively address IIoT’s big three challenges: security, automated operational processes, and actionable data usability,” said Ophir Fux, VP Critical Infrastructure Division at RAD.

“Not only do we secure all remote connections and allow remote visibility into all devices on the network with unified management and smart threat response, but we also enable on-demand availability and real-time, automated life cycle management. Essentially, we provide everything that today’s IIoT environments require.”

“As a specialized IoT provider, our collaboration with RAD is an ideal fit,” said Jan Mooijman, Managing Director at ASPIDER-NGI, a KORE Wireless Group business unit. “Our universal eSIM is integrated in RAD’s next generation secure IIoT gateway to provide a flexible, ruggedized, and cost-effective joint solution that deals with growing IIoT connectivity and security challenges. The on-board SIM cards are pre-provisioned so that the secure IIoT gateway is ready to go right out of the box, making for truly fast deployments.”

The SecFlow-1v spokes are deployed at the network’s edge, working with RAD’s SecurityGateway hub and VPN aggregator. They share threat intelligence and security event logs across all protected IIoT devices with the RADview security and event management suite.

KORE/ASPIDER-NGI’s remote SIM management allows for deployments in hard-to-reach or hazardous environments, while remote profile management enables constant optimization of the available cellular provider’s network service. With its global ecosystem of local operators, ASPIDER-NGI provides unparalleled service reach, as billing issues are handled via the eConnect system. In addition, location-based profile selection increases device production efficiency.

The RAD and ASPIDER-NGI joint solution is available now to industrial IoT system integrators around the world.

About RAD
RAD is a leader in Service Assured Networking (SAN) solutions for critical infrastructure. We address all communication needs of the utilities, transportation and government sectors with always-on reliability and mission-critical protection. We offer best-of-breed SAN solutions that are used for cyber-secure industrial IoT (IIoT) and operational WANs, fog/edge computing, TDM to packet migration, distance Teleprotection and distribution automation, as well as Smart/Safe City deployments. Founded in 1981, RAD has an installed base of more than 16 million units and is a member of the $1.35 billion RAD Group of companies, a world leader in communications solutions.

About ASPIDER-NGI, a KORE Wireless Company
ASPIDER-NGI is a leading provider of advanced connectivity, core network, and eSIM solutions. We provide ‘as-a Service’ infrastructure for mobile access, applications, and connectivity services, leveraging core network and value-added offerings across voice, data, and messaging. We provision advanced connectivity services to leading companies and carriers across geographies with our own network. The acquisition of ASPIDER-NGI by KORE in 2018 resulted in an expanded portfolio of advanced connectivity capabilities, delivering managed connectivity services and solutions that enable customers to maximise returns on IoT investments. About KORE.