Happy Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night!

It’s one week before Christmas and two weeks before New Year’s Day. What else would we say in the Dux Blog at this point other than …

“Merry Christmas!”

And we’ll throw in a belated “Happy Hanukkah” for our Jewish friends and Israeli clients, just to make sure we cover the relevant seasonal holidays thoroughly.

We hope that everyone reading this can look back upon 2018 and declare it to have been a good year. It certainly was for Dux, as we kept busy working with a great roster of clients, doing all we can to help them succeed in their marketing goals.

The economy was strong and business seemed to be generally good throughout the year, with some unfortunate exceptions, such as a pretty poor stock market performance as 2018 winds down. But our good friend and financial advisor Bill Mixdorf tells us these kinds of ebbs and flows are perfectly natural in the market, so we’re siding with Bill and taking a “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!” approach.

And at this time of year, you have to work hard to not be happy. If you have trouble getting into the proper emotional state, just start binge-watching the Hallmark Channel, where every Christmas movie will end happily, even if they do all share the same basic single plot.

Some people – us among them – may get weary of the glitz and materialism that characterizes our modern Christmas season. But if you’re like us, we know that you can find your joy in the real reason why we celebrate Christmas. The birth of Jesus was the greatest gift ever given, and even if that birth didn’t actually take place on December 25, we can still joyously celebrate it that day.

Which is what we are going to do, and we hope that you will join us in that. We’ll be back here with more keen insight and expert perspective on the public relations and marketing world after the new year, as we try to take a bit of time off and recharge our batteries for what we anticipate will be another exciting and successful 12 months.