When It Comes to Content, You Want Quality and Frequency

If you want to engage your target audience, the best way to do that is to put quality material in front of them that entertains, enlightens, and educates them. And do it often, daily if possible but at least more than once a week.

Perhaps the key word in the paragraph above is “quality.” It is solid and memorable content that is going to keep someone coming back.

This is what the companies that are really embracing digital marketing are finding, and they believe it is paying off, or they wouldn’t be putting more time and resources into creating and showcasing enticing content.

A few lines about how great your company is or a blatant plug for a new product or service won’t do it. Take it from us, the people coming to your website to find out more about you want to see the good stuff.

That means videos that are equal parts informative and entertaining, with only a dash of promotion thrown in. And blog posts that offer expert perspective on what your organization does and the trends you see in your industry.

You can gain a lot of positive attention with this approach, which tells visitors that you are more interested in helping them understand what’s going on around them than you are in simply making a sale.

Recent research found that the digital marketing go-getters emphasize videos and blog posts more than anything else, for the reasons noted above. The majority of them – keep in mind, these do tend to be larger companies with scads of site visitors – are refreshing their content daily, to keep everything fresh.

But they also make use of infographics, research, and interviews, all of which can be structured to provide high-quality information in generally small packages.

For smaller companies, which includes those with a smaller universe of likely site visitors, frequency is likely to be a challenge, in which case it is far better to post high-quality content once a week than struggle to put material up every day and have it fall short in terms of the impression it makes on your customers and prospects.

For videos, the production values need to be good, with well-lit settings and strong sound quality. Leave the shaky hand-held stuff to the teenagers doing goofy stunts in hopes of going viral. You should care less about views in the millions than making the best impression possible on your specific target audience.

Other material needs to be well-written and well-presented, and thorough but concise. This one, at about 500 words, is a good size, but the size can easily vary depending on your audience and what you need to tell them. As long as it reads well, length is not a big concern.

Content is playing an ever-more-critical role in marketing today, and we would be glad to talk with you in more detail about how to leverage it to your benefit.