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Toll Road Stance Earns A+ TURF Ranking for Sixth District Candidate Ken Cope

ARLINGTON, January 23, 2018 – TURF, the Texas organization monitoring the abuse of toll roads, has given its highest ranking, an A+, to Ken Cope, Republican candidate for Congress in the Sixth District. Cope is the only Sixth District candidate to earn that rank.

TURF, Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom, is a non-profit, non-partisan organization focused on sensible transportation solutions and ending eminent domain abuse.

Only a small number of candidates across all the statewide races in Texas achieved an A+ from TURF. Cope earned the ranking by working to oppose toll road abuses as a private citizen, and now as a candidate.

“I believe toll roads amount to a tax on the poor,” Cope said. “They penalize people who want to drive on our local highways but can’t afford the tolls. If we as a people want new roads, our representatives should approve and fund them.”

Cope added that “The public-private partnership approach to toll roads are especially bad ideas, because the profit motive overtakes the public interest.”

Before joining the Sixth District race, Cope was involved in grassroots activities in Ellis County to fight both toll roads and the Texas High Speed Rail (HSR) Bullet Train project. He helped found a sub-regional planning commission to maximize local involvement and worked with Texas Concerned Citizens in assessing the impact of toll roads and high speed rail on the Ellis County economy.

Cope’s distaste for public-private partnerships is one of the many reasons he has made fighting the (HSR) project a big part of his campaign and has pledged to fight it in Washington when elected. He is continuing to schedule town hall meetings in the Sixth District to galvanize opposition to the HSR.

Cope is a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel and retired aerospace executive who is seeking the Congressional seat being vacated by Joe Barton. Information about the campaign and Cope’s positions on other issues confronting the Sixth District can be found at the campaign website,, and the Facebook page, Cope is also on Twitter at @CopeTexas.