Even in Social Media, the Written Word Hangs in There

When it comes to social media, your best weapons for engagement are articles, videos, and images. These are the keys to catching your audience’s connection and holding their interest.

That was the finding in a new study of social media marketing. What surprised us about this was that even in this video-obsessed age the written article was still in the top spot. It was ahead only by a nose, but it does show that people are still willing to read when the quality of the material is good.

In fact, it should go without saying that whether you are posting articles or visual elements, quality should always be paramount. The more professional you can be with your videos, and the better lit and framed your photos, the greater the impact. And the more likely people will “like” them and share them, for wider reach.

If you sell to a multinational or even multi-ethnic audience, videos and images can be valuable because they allow you to showcase your product or service with fewer words, since translations can get costly.

At Dux, we love to write and have always maintained that well-crafted content can go a long way toward capturing an audience’s attention and establishing the organization as a thought leader in its market or industry. Not 2,000-word treatises – social media isn’t the place for that – but concise and clear written materials that offer insights to benefit your audience.

The report noted the high percentage of companies and organizations that emphasize original content, whether that content is written or visual. Almost four out of five organizations share mostly original content, with about one in five doing only original content.

This is important, because when content is unique to you, your followers won’t end up seeing it in 20 other places. That uniqueness gives them one more reason to pay attention to you.